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Jellycat Play, Books & Baby was created to provide toys that are destined 
to be 
children’s favourites for years to come.


Children explore their environment from the moment they spring out of their mum's tums. We use eye-catching colours,
a range of textures, and a variety of crinkles, squeak, chime
and rattle sounds to reward and encourage tots' natural curiosity in a fun and friendly way. So when the little ones aren't being so cute, present them with a Little Jellycat like Bedtime Elly! With attention diverted, the giggles

thank you VERY much!


Our exploratory fabric books are also a great way to explore books for the first time and make bedtime reading a delight! For times when calm and reassurance is what is needed,

we have combined subtle pastel colours and the softest

fabrics to make baby toys, musical pulls and comforters 

feel newly made and unique  –  just like the babies 

they’re bought for! 

The final distinguishing aspect of 
our toys is their reassuring smile and bags of 
character, a faithful friend to our most precious people.

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