Getting to Sana Gallery


  1. Alight at Outram Mrt

  2. Proceed to Exit F

    • At North East line (purple)‚Äč

    • Go up the escallator and turn right.

    • And go up another escalator

  3. Walk straight on Eu Tong Seng Street towards the bus interchange

  4. Cross the road on to Neil Road

  5. Cross another traffic light on Neil Road to Spottiswoode Park Road

  6. Aroy Mookata Steamboat will be on the left of Spottiswoode Park Road

  7. Continue down the road to house 63

    • (2 shophouses away from Blair road)

By Bus:

Aft Hosp Drive (Bus stop no.10017)

2,12,54,167, 174, 174e, 190, 196, CT8, CT18, CT28


Bef Hosp Drive (Bus stop no.10039)

61, 124, 143, 147, 166, 167, 196, 197, 961


New Bridge Rd Ter (Bus stop no.10589)

2,12,54,174,174e,190,CT8,CT18, CT28


Opp New Bridge Rd Ter (Bus stop no.10011)

124, 143, 147, 961

Car park
  • Along Spottiswoode Park Road

  • Along Blair Road

  • Along Everton Road

  • Multi story car park at 6a Everton Park

  • Car park in Everton Park Estate